Sarah Camiscoli
Co-Founder and Co-Director

Sarah is committed to transforming school systems so that a sound, basic education and self-actualization are available for all students regardless of race, class, family structure, or gender. Her experience in education reform and advocacy ranges from teaching ESL in District 7 of the South Bronx, working with The Center for Intersectionality and Social Policy Studies as an educational consultant, conducting educational research for Sesame Street's Plaza Mexico, and organizing for restorative justice practices with Teachers Unite. Two years ago, she co-founded IntegrateNYC4me with six students from her high school advisory class. She is committed to building democratically elected committees of students within the city, state, and national departments of education so that every young person can co-create, inform, and sustain the integrated schools that they attend.

Hebh Jamal
Lead Student Activist

Hebh is a visionary revolutionary leader.  At the age of fifteen she became a well-known advocate in education reform known for her wisdom about the impact of injustice and her vision for the possibility of a transformed society.  Hebh was featured in the NY Times in “Young Muslim Americans Are Feeling the Strain of Suspicion” for her perspective on the impact of Islamophobia on young Muslims and her vision for a more conscious, educated, harmonious society.  Since then, she has continued to be a voice for integrated, equitable schools for NYC and co-created the first ever City-Wide Youth Council on School Integration run by IntegrateNYC4Me. 

Sarah "Zaps" Zapiler
Design Director

Sarah (a.k.a. Zaps) is driven by the idea that every person has a wealth of unique gifts to offer. She is also a Dream Director with The Future Project where she supports young people in putting their dreams and passions into action. Working in schools, Zaps saw first-hand the ways deep structural inequities were getting in the way of amazing young people being the leaders and learners they naturally are. 


Iman Abdul
Educational Consultancy Intern

From a young age, Iman Abdul dedicating her life to empowering New York City youth.  As a high school student, she was an active member of the Black Student Union, Hispanos Unidos, and a founding member of the Respect for All Coalition to promote school diversity and tolerance. During this time she engaged in a city-wide school exchange, conducted research on school segregation, and a participated in policy discussions with city government officials and a deputy chancellor of education. Her path of activism and student voice advocacy has led her to become the Education and Curriculum Specialist Intern for IntegrateNYC4Me, solidifying her commitment to tackling school segregation within the NYC public education school system. She is currently enrolled at The City College of New York, living in her native city (born and raised in Brooklyn), studying Childhood Education and Latin American & Caribbean Studies.



Frantzy Luzincourt
Political Strategist Intern

Free- thinking activist, justice advocate, and passionate youth leader, Frantzy Luzincourt, is the embodiment of student voice and its importance within the change making process. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Frantzy attended Leon M. Goldstein high school for the sciences where he founded his school’s first ever Black Student Union, which led to a social movement over the next year that concluded with the creation of multiple clubs celebrating different cultures and races, including LGBTQ Alliance club, Hispanos Unidos, and The Asian Pacific Islander Student Council. He demonstrated student voice by serving as the chairperson of the Chancellor’s Student Advisory Council, working with other students from around the city, creating policy proposals and serving as a think tank group for the NYC Department of Education’s Chancellor Carmen Fariña. He currently studies Political Science and International Relations under the Macaulay Honors program at The City College of New York, while working as the Political Strategist intern at IntegrateNYC4Me. Frantzy has dedicated his life to making a change and exemplifies a student’s voice’s potential in all aspects- educationally, governmentally, and socially.


Piery Garcia
Student Activist and Intern

Piery is so excited to have to have the opportunity to work with IntegrateNYC4Me to support students. She wants to learn more about the inequalities within the school system, as well be apart of helping transform the school system. Piery is an alumni from Bronx Academy of Letters and is currently studying science at the Borough of Manhattan Community College. In the future she sees herself becoming a teacher in high school.


Julie Chen
Student Activist and Intern

Julie is thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with IntegrateNYC4me. She has really enjoyed the conversations on race, diversity, and education reform that her experience with the organization has sparked, and currently studies Philosophy at Princeton University.